Toy Story 4 could be released in 2015

Toy Story 4 To Be or Not to Be? First was announced that there will be no Toy Story 4, instead will be released short movie with famous toys. Now american actor and producer Tom Hanks told the BBC that a fourth part of the series "Toy Story" is underway in Hollywood.

Toy Story 4Being on tour to promote his most recent film, "Larry Crowne" - which he directed and produced and appears alongside Julia Roberts - the actor was asked by the BBC if there is any possibility that a fourth film series "Toy Story" appears on the big screen informs

"I think there will be yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think they’re working on it now. There you go."
said Hanks.

So far, the information that Toy Story 4 will be released was not officially confirmed the company Pixar, which made the previous movies. Hanks, who voices the character Woody in this series, did not mention whether or not he will be involved in this new movie.

The characters in the series "Toy Story" was launched in 1995 and became, over time, some of the most popular worldwide. The success is due to creative and innovative team at Pixar, led by John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, and marketing and distribution teams worldwide.

The second movie in the series, "Toy Story 2" premiered on the big screen in 1999. The first two films in the series "Toy Story" got together grossed about 847 million dollars worldwide.

"Toy Story 3" which seemed, by its action, that concludes the story of toys, has won two Academy Awards this year for best animated film and best theme music, and was nominated in the category "Best Feature".

Directed by Lee Unkrich, "Toy Story 3" is the most profitable animated film in cinema history and the first to pass one billion dollars in revenue overall, outpacing production "Shrek 2" the DreamWorks studio, which previously held this title. Currently, the film grossed U.S. $ 1.063 billion reported in the world.

As we see there is nothing official yet, but we promise that Toy Story 4 trailer will be here as soon as possible along with details like release date, cast, etc..

Until there will be released the forth movie we let you enjoy a funny featurette from Toy Story 3 :

Update: Toy Story 4 release date is set for 2015 and the cast include Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton and Joan Cusack as voices of Woody, Ken and Jessie.